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Welcome to Rose Fusion, the home of Rose Fusion Media.  Our featured video is
Pregnancy Massage Dads To Be Guide DVD, learn how to massage your "Mom to Be"
the right way. Enjoy fun music video's featuring Bob Rose on keys.  We have relaxing
music for Massage and the finest spa and body products.
Learn how to rub your pregnant mate the right way!
Learn Tai Chi, Free lessons
Learn Tai Chi
4 easy lessons
on one DVD
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Rose Fusion.com ~ Music for meditation or spa music
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Pregnancy Massage Dads To Be Guide DVD
is a step by step guide to teach you how to
give a safe pregnancy massage.
Click here for a
free massage lesson.
Relaxing music unwinds the mind, calms the nerves, and lowers your blood
pressure. It takes you out of the rush of the world into a peaceful sound journey.
Soothing music can be played for children before bedtime and during pregnancy.

Massage music selections are relaxing instrumentals with a flow and steady
rhythm that are soothing for the client, yet interesting for the therapist to hear over
and over again. The
Spa & Meditation music is a slower "zen" like tempo.
Learn Prenancy massage the right way!
The Manatee Munch
A cool blues tune called "The Munching Manatee Blues"
Music Video by Rose Fusion Media
Massage & Spa Music
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rosefusion.com ~ Relaxing instrumental music for massage & spa
Need a Smile?  See more of our fun music video's...
Dancing Sea Dragon
Flamingo Moon Walk
The Smiling Manta
Rose Fusion Video & Music To Feed Your Soul
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Spa Products
Professional Skincare
The finest professional skin care products used in my spa.
Image Skin Care to renew and repair with stunning results.  We carry the famous
Wrinkle Cream.  Silky and nourishing massage creams, and body butters to deeply hydrate
and recondition your skin.
Coconut based massage cream www.rosefusion.com
Awesome Stretch Mark Preventive!
Offerings ~ Relaxing instrumental music for massage & spa
Finding Balance ~ instrumental music for spa & meditation